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Faculty of Engineering

General info about the faculty

1.    Presentation

The faculty of Engineering was established in 1980. Its mission is to provide top quality education, in order to deliver highly skilled engineers prepared to tackle all challenges within the Lebanese and international job markets. It features the following 4 specialties: Civil Engineering; Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Chemical Engineering.

2.    Branches and affiliated centers

Branch Location Specialization Grade
(L, M, D or else)
1 Tripoli Civil, Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical. Master in Engineering Tel : 06 385 087
2 Roumieh Civil, Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical. Master in Engineering Tel : 04 872 205
3 Hadat Civil, Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical. Master in Engineering Tel : 05 463 470

3.    Admission modalities for the bearer of other diplomas  

Diplomas Branch or center Special Conditions
License in Math 1st year of specialization Special entrance exam
Faculty of sciences of the LU
License in Physics 1st year of specialization Special entrance exam
Faculty of sciences of the LU
4th year validated Master Study of application
Faculty of engineering of the LU
Engineering Diploma Master Study of application

4.    Various information

-          Recruitment via entrance exam only. All students with an average of 12/20 are admitted. The success rate is around 25% (~500 admitted per year).

-          During the years of study, the passing grade is 12/20; failure in two courses per year is tolerated (between 10/20 and 12/20)

-          In the common trunk department, the students are divided into French or English sections depending on their language level.  

-          In the specialization years, the courses are taught either in French or in English.

-          Remedial courses, in French and English, are offered to all the students of the Common Trunk.

5.    Practical information , Tel: +961 5 463 489, Fax: +961 5 463 419, Mail:


1.    Presentation

The curriculum is spread over 5 years. The first 2 years are preparatory years providing a general education core courses for all students: the Common Trunk department. After validation of these years, the student chooses a specialization among those proposed by our institution. Concurrent with their final year of study, students may follow one of the 9 Masters offered by the faculty of Engineering.

Preparatory Cycle (4 semesters)

Courses provided: Math, physics, chemistry, computer science, electricity, mechanics, industrial and architectural drawings, foreign languages.


Majors (5 semesters +1 dedicated to the final year project)


-          Public works: bridges, transportation and traffic, roads, underground structures.

-          Buildings: urban infrastructure, seismic engineering, special structures, foundations.

-          Hydraulics: hydraulics structures, dams, water management and treatment, irrigation.

-          Geotechnical: geology, geophysics, soil mechanics, foundations.



-          Energetics: thermodynamics, heat transfer, environment, fluid mechanics, air conditioning, energy production.

-          Constructions: metallic constructions, automobiles, automation, robotics, plumbing.

-          Industrial Mechanics: machines calculation, turbo machinery, robotics, biomedical equipment.

-          Mechatronic: electrical machines, microprocessors.



-          Power and Control: automation, electrical machines, power electronics, industrial electronics, quality control, motors control.

-          Telecommunication: electronics, microprocessors, mobile communications, communication systems, networks, micro-waves, programming.

-          Computer Sciences: data mining, artificial intelligence, web development.



-          Petroleum: petroleum geology and geophysics, drilling and production engineering of oil and gas, reservoirs.

-          Petrochemical: separation processes, petroleum refining technology, process control, catalysis.

-          Chemical Process: chemical reactions and reactors, chemical process technologies: pharmaceutical; polymers; food industry.



Masters (1 semester +1 dedicated to the research project)

-          Renewable energies

-          Automation and control

-          Mechanical

-          Civil Engineering/ Geotechnical/ Petroleum works

-          Technology of medical and industrial systems

-          Telecommunication networks

-          Hydro-sciences

-          Micro-waves

-          Transportation and traffic


The Master’s project also serves as the final year project, which is required in order to obtain the Engineering degree.

2.    Diplomas (Engineering, Research Master)

-          After 5 years of study the student obtains an Engineering degree, equivalent to a Masters in Engineering.

-          The 5th year can be undertaken abroad (Lebanese engineering degree and foreign research master).

-          After the fourth year, a student can undertake 2 additional years within the engineering schools in France, which enables the student to obtain a double degree.

-          Concurrent with his/her 5th year of study in Lebanon, the student can follow one of the 9 Masters courses offered by the Faculty of Engineering.

-          Following the Master’s degree, a student can enroll in doctoral studies (in collaboration with foreign universities)

3.    Admission Procedure (Engineering, Research Master)

-          Students are admitted into the Faculty of Engineering through examination only. The entrance exam is normally undertaken early July. It includes 5 tests: Math, Physics, Chemistry, Arabic and French (or English).

-          Recruitment in the third year is also possible via special examination.  This is open to students who have acquired their degree within the Math, Physics or Faculty of Sciences domain at the Lebanese University.

-          Admission into the Master’s degree is undertaken by the assessment of each student application. The student must have successfully completed their fourth year of study at the Engineering Faculty of the Lebanese University or obtained an Engineering degree from any other university.

4.    Opportunities

-          After graduating, our engineers may directly enroll in the Order of Engineers and Architects (Beirut and Tripoli), and may perform the engineering profession in consultant offices or on-sites (in Lebanon or abroad).

-          After obtaining a Master’s degree, the student can apply for doctoral studies, teach courses and / or work as a specialist engineer.

5.    Prizes and Laureates

-          Each year several students get rewards from IRI (Industrial Research Institute)

-          Our students, abroad, are generally ranked in the top 10% in their hosting institutions. Most of them receive financial support in order to complete their doctoral thesis.

-          Most teachers that tenured in July 2014 at the Faculty of Engineering were former students of the faculty, who have continued their higher education in France and returned to settle in Lebanon.

-          The degree awarded by the Faculty of Engineering, is recognized greatly both in Lebanon and abroad. Our graduates are head hunted by the job market, more than their colleagues from other universities.

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