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Since 1986, the alumni association at the Faculty of Engineering in the second branch of the Lebanese University, known as the Amicale ULFG2, has provided the ULFG2 graduates with rewarding connections with the university, their fellows, and current students. The AULFG2 has grown into one of the most tightly-knit families in the Lebanese society of Engineers. Its aim is to serve both students and graduates while supporting the Lebanese University.


The mission of the AULFG2 is to advance the interests of both its graduates and students, and to improve the general conditions of the Faculty of Engineering in Roumieh.


The Amicale ULFG2 strives to develop a mutually beneficial and long-lasting relationship between the AULFG2 and other groups and associations of Engineers in Lebanon. Over the years, it has established strong ties with the Order of Engineers in both Beirut and Tripoli.


The Amicale ULFG2 maintains a network of connections as well as close cooperation with the job market. It offers services such as careers advice, job search, internship, and final term project assistance to prospective graduates through its active mailing list and frequent technical and orientation seminars.


Working in conjunction with the students’ representatives, the Amicale ULFG2 supports students’ activities by participating in and sponsoring activities and events at the ULFG2.


In all its activities, the Amicale ULFG2 is committed to learning as a lifelong process and fosters the universities mission in the pursuit of academic excellence.

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