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EVENTS - Engineering Job fair 2009

Engineering Job fair 2009 (06-11-09 to 08-11-09)

Amicale ULFG2 organized the second Engineering Job fair at the Palais des Congres-Dbayeh on Friday 6th, Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th of November 2009.
The opening ceremony was help under the high patronage and the honourable presence of his Excellency the minister of Economy and Commerce Mr. Mohamad El Safadi.

The Exhibition was a great success and was attended by big numbers students and professionals from all fields.
It also included three presentations held by: Dr. Bilal El Alayeli about OEA Rules and Laws, Dr. Sami Traboulsi about LGBC Vision and Mission and Eng. Nohad Boudani about ASHRAE.

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